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Police World Wide

Professional law enforcement training

Police-ing World Wide is an international company that provides a range of specialized security services aimed at optimizing the security of public and private spaces in institutional and private environments.


Our service is focused on training police officers and security personnel in classic police work integrating specialized security infrastructures.

Police-ing World Wide also has expertise in the field of vehicular traffic management and enforcement through the latest technology developed in Israel that can identify potentially dangerous roads to allow the deployment of necessary emergency units.

Given the vast experience in terrorism of the Israel Security Forces, and the increase of terrorism threats globally, Police-ing World Wide has developed a unique training program focused on teaching other security forces the Arabic language and customs, as well as the psychological aspects that govern the mindset and behavior of the terrorist. We strongly believe that understanding the terrorist’s mother tongue and recognizing his behavioral pattern will greatly enhance the ability to monitor and locate potential threats.

Who are we?



Ilan Mor - Former Colonel in the Israel National Police and Commander of the National Traffic Police (July 2016). Other positions include directing several operational units, commanding field forces, and management of the Bureau of the Commissioner in the Israel National Police.



Roni Ritman (Retired Major General, Israel National Police)

in February 2019 Major General Ritman had completed 30 years of service in the Israeli national police (INP) in the rank of major general, during the years he had served in various command roles in the fields of investigation and intelligence from commanding the central unit in Israel's central district where he was investigated criminal organizations and of major crimes. 
Later in his service, he was the head of the international crimes unit while conducting covert and overt activities to fight both international and national crime, and later as the head of the police investigation division, he worked in the different fields of conducting intelligence activities worldwide.
In the last 4 year he served as the head of the Lahav 433 unit, where he commanded about 1,000 detectives, investigators and intelligence analysts as the unit combined the leading units in the Israeli police: National Fraud Investigations Unit, Unit of International Crime Investigations, National Financial Investigations Unit, National Unit for Locating Stolen Vehicles. 

M.A. Political Science and National Security- Haifa University
B.A. Political Science- Haifa University
Alumni of the Israel National Defense College




Tal Pickerevitch - Former Chief Superintendent in the Israel National Police, with expertise in investigations and undercover and operational work in the field of crime prevention. Mr. Pickerevitch was instrumental in building the model and syllabus for the Arabic language training school.

Our separate and combined experience and professional knowledge can save lives!
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